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KELLY FIN | MSG Sphere, XR, VJing & Beyond | VJ Interview

In this episode, we sit down with Kelly Fin to discuss her career and work as a VJ, Designer, and Disguise Operator. Her story takes us through her start in the Detroit scene, through playing a bucket list show with Rezz, and from an internship at a XR Virtual Production company to her recent gig on the team for the U2:UV Debut Show at MSG Sphere and beyond.

Kelly Fin is a Virtual Production Specialist, VJ, V2, and Visual Technology Artist based in Las Vegas, NV.

She entered the music industry via Detroit Techno in 2018 while completing her degree in Art & Design at The University of Michigan and interning with New D Media Arts. The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for her career that pushed her to adapt my skills to Virtual Production and the power of Unreal Engine, which brought her to Las Vegas. After running the video at Hakkasan Nightclub and the virtual production at Vu Studios in my first 2 years of living in the entertainment capital, she now freelances in both major industries.

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