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«Downloading from my NAS remotely is faster than the downloads speeds offered by Google Drive.»

This is generally an unlikely scenario for many people. What speed (down/up) is your home Internet connection? In Australia, the "NBN" (National Broadband Network, which is not the only option but is by far the most usual option, spread throughout the country as the primary wired telephone and Internet connectivity option) had speed plans including 50/20 (downlink/uplink Mbps) and 100/40, but a few years ago the 100/40 option mostly disappeared, replaced by an inferior 100/20 option. There do exist higher speed tiers, but they are not that much better in terms of uplink speed. eg TPG, a major provider, has offers for (typical evening speeds) 210/21 at $125/month, and $450/40 at $145/month. For comparison, in 2019 I had an account with another provider for 100/40 at around $85/month. Prices in AUD (Australian dollars). TPG offers small business include symmetric fibre connections, available only to buildings connected to their own fibre network. I've made enquiries with a provider about a "Business Ethernet" connection; they start at more than $300/month and you could have a bill for thousands of dollars to het connected.

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Im referring to transfer speeds on the google server side.
You are generally unable to download from google drive at the full bandwidth from you ISP as Google throttles speeds and has download quotas on file transfers, especially when downloading/uploading via a browser.
I have found the CloudSync connection on the NAS to GoogleDrive would in many cases would download files faster than they would download through a web browser.
And often the CloudSync is able to sync files even if they have exceeded their download quota.
However this was just my experience and Google is constantly changing the rules.