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Building a VJ patch mixer with cables.gl

In this session, our dear cables.gl user and VJ Pawel takes us on a journey through the creation of his video mixer, designed for the high demands of live concert performances. While this mixer is still a work in progress, it showcases the integration of multiple patches under one main program, allowing for highest control and flexibility. Using cables.gl's external render feature, Pawel demonstrates how to achieve full-screen previews. He also reveals how the mixer's controls are mapped to a MIDI controller, providing intuitive and hands-on manipulation of visuals.

What’s inside:
(0:01) Introduction to the Video Mixer Concept
(0:14) Pawel's Background and Mixer Overview
(1:51) Discussion on External Render Feature
(2:50) UI Design and Functionality
(3:44) MIDI Controller Integration and Controls
(4:10) Audio Reactivity and Visual Demonstrations
(14:21) Exploring the Patch Structure
(16:00) Challenges and Solutions in Development
(26:03) Future Plans and Standalone Version Discussion
(36:34) Closing Thoughts and Invitation to Cables.gl Meetups

Pawel/Kolektyw Profile on cables.gl: https://cables.gl/user/KOLEKTYW

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