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@mr_tbot adem saw me at the gig recently, though i don't use resolume plugins much at all if any. shaders is where it's for me.. everytime.

also.. discounts can go long way especially when you talking about it inside community that been a work of two decades ;)

you can probably sell more at volume at 20 vs 30

it depends on what you understand about the market ..

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TBOT Author

It was $20 since Jan.

It's taken a lot of work and it's a lot of nodes. It's worth $30. Absolutely.

The results you get are endless and beautiful and if you're a professional you can afford it, as well as a separate $30 for the intensity machine.

If you can't, you can't... It's okay.

I'll see if Juicebar can do coupon codes...

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Adem Jaffers (vjMandala)