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TBOT's Feedback Machine v1.7 for Resolume Arena- Live NOW on Juicebar!

The only feedback plugin you will ever need! No need for complicated routing anymore! This plugin does it all!

Create mind-bending feedback effects from almost any piece of content input - stock, generators, cameras... with astounding amounts of creative control and very little effort!

Colors, direction, feedback scaling... over 100 parameters to set and play with!

Dial in a look to be as psycho or as subtle as you wish! Easy to use! Suitable for any style of music, performance, or skill set!

TBFBM Example 2

TBFBM Example 3

TBFBM Example 4

TBFBM Example 5

Works best on alpha or black backgrounds - but can work on any clip with a little tweaking!

(Hint: Drop a "Chroma Key", a "Threshold" or an "Auto Mask" with "Drop Shadow" on the clip first and play with your "Brightness & Contrast" to achieve the best results! - though you'll make something cool out of the box with just the Feedback Machine!)

UPDATE - 1.5.3 and up includes these parameters built in!

Start by manipulating the bottom and feedback layers to learn how it works before attempting to adjust your top layer!




Available now on #Juicebar! GET IT HERE

This plugin is designed to operate on it's own - or in tandem with "TBOT's Intensity Generator", TBOT's Better Edge, or TBOT's Master Mod - All available on Juicebar or right here at VJUN.io!



v1-v1.3 - Pre-release

v1.4 - 01-01-23 - First Official Juicebar Release

v1.5 - 3-12-23 - Major Public Revision 1

  • Tons of new features:
  • Alpha control of feedback - now you can expose a clip underneath on a different layer!
  • Scaling on all layers including feedback now includes Z axis control.
  • Mirror effects baked in
  • Master Brightness / Contrast and new "Adjust First" section
  • Several Bug Fixes
  • Rearrangement of parameters - cleanup.

v1.5.1 - 3-15-23 - Feature Request Release (beta team only)
-Added master RGB color control to the feedback layer to dial in more color control! (Thanks Kelly Fin for the suggestion!)

v1.5.2 - 3-16-23 - Bug Fix Release

  • Moved the "READ ME" section to the bottom of the plugin to better accommodate lower resolution monitors (Thanks Birdman.vid for the suggestion!)

v1.5.3 - 3-27-23 - Feature Release - BETA TESTERS ONLY

  • added new "Adjust first" parameters for levels, threshold, chroma key and colorize to make dialing in looks easier. These were the usual effects I needed to drop on content prior to the feedback machine - so hopefully this helps some people get even faster results!

v1.5.3.1 hotfix - 3-28-23 - RELEASE SOON!

  • fixed the level parameters minimums and maximums.
  • fixed broken threshold parameters
  • add subtract added pre-key in Adjust First section

v1.6 Alpha 1 - Framerate Optimization 4-6-23 - (beta team only)

  • Optimized blur and a video mixer to produce a much higher framerate!
  • Many parameters renamed from "Master" to "Bypass" to match Resolume. MAY BREAK PRESETS!

v1.6 Major Public Update - 4-11-23

  • Added interim fix for Chroma Key not scaling properly until Wire corrects the issue (Thanks Tom Bass for the info!)
  • Please note framerate optimization from 1.6 Alpha 1 carries over and presets from previous versions WILL partially break with 1.6. This will be the last time this happens!
  • Blur defaults optimized to work a bit better on lower spec GPUs.

v1.6 Hotfix 1 - 5-3-23

  • Previous release fixed chroma key for resolutions other than 1080p but did not correct for non-standard resolutions outside of 16:9 aspect ratio. This hotfix corrects that oversight and this should now work with non-standard composition aspect ratios!

v1.7 Further Performance Optimization - 6-4-23

  • Added proper bypass for top and bottom layer blur for even more performance savings! Please disable these bypasses to fix any presets that rely on blur!
  • Default FB direction for Y is now 0 rather than -4 and FB scaling for Z is now by default .99 instead of 1.

Discussion (12)

vjmandala profile image
Adem Jaffers (vjMandala)

Meesa like dis plug in :)

mr_tbot profile image
TBOT Author

You should see it paired with my Intensity Generator - soon to be released on Juicebar as well!!

vjmandala profile image
Adem Jaffers (vjMandala)

Funny you should say that as I earmarked that on work laptop. Though do I have to install Juicer to buy them? And is there a vjunion.ip discount code for buying plugins?

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vjmandala profile image
Adem Jaffers (vjMandala)

@vdmo Im sure I saw you Intensity at Machine couple weeks back?

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mr_tbot profile image
TBOT Author

@vjmandala I will always put my plugins out with an introductory price.

The Feedback machine was 20 EUR since January but just went up to 30 EUR...

It will be the same deal for the Intensity Generator.

The price actually just went up this AM as they finally updated the plugin to 1.5!

1.5.1 is already almost ready as well!

No discount codes, sadly... I just opt to do introductory pricing.

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mr_tbot profile image
TBOT Author

Also - I don't believe @vdmo has my plugins... as he isn't part of my beta testing community. Only a small group had access to it as it was originally a request from Bainter the Painter... This version is that but far more refined and ready for the spotlight.

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vjmandala profile image
Adem Jaffers (vjMandala)

Perhaps I briefly saw an effect on screen whilst on the dance floor similar to it. Nonetheless will installer Juicer at home over wkend and give the feedback plug-in a crack 🙏🏼

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vdmo profile image

@mr_tbot adem saw me at the gig recently, though i don't use resolume plugins much at all if any. shaders is where it's for me.. everytime.

also.. discounts can go long way especially when you talking about it inside community that been a work of two decades ;)

you can probably sell more at volume at 20 vs 30

it depends on what you understand about the market ..

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mr_tbot profile image
TBOT Author

It was $20 since Jan.

It's taken a lot of work and it's a lot of nodes. It's worth $30. Absolutely.

The results you get are endless and beautiful and if you're a professional you can afford it, as well as a separate $30 for the intensity machine.

If you can't, you can't... It's okay.

I'll see if Juicebar can do coupon codes...

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vjmandala profile image
Adem Jaffers (vjMandala)


mr_tbot profile image
TBOT Author

v1.7 is officially live on Juicebar just in time for summer heat! This update should be much leaner on your GPU due to a proper implementation of bypass for the top and bottom blur nodes.

Should also drop temps pretty heavily when in use.


mr_tbot profile image
TBOT Author

v1.6 is heading to Juicebar tonight with MAJOR framerate optimizations! See the Changelog for more details and keep an eye on Juicebar for the update!