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TBOT's Master Mod v1.1 for Resolume Arena - Available for FREE on Juicebar NOW!

How many times do you do need to alter the basic look of a clip and how many different parameters do you need to drag in to accomplish it?

This wire patch - aimed at Resolume Arena users is FREE to VJUN.IO members! IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON JUICEBAR FOR EVERYONE!

In this patch - I merge Brightness, Contrast, Levels, Threshold, Add/Subtract, Chroma Key, Auto Mask, Mirror and Drop Shadows into a single drag plugin!!

Create presets that cover ALL of these parameters in one drag!

Should be a huge time saver for a lot of VJs - also is a GREAT effect to drag in before my other patches!

Works great for content & cameras!


Be sure to check out my other plugins on VJUN.IO as well as on Juicebar!

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Alpha v1 - 3-27-23 - BETA TESTERS ONLY

  • Initial release

Alpha v2 - 3-27-23 - BETA TESTERS ONLY

  • Adds Drop Shadow.

Alpha v3 - 3-28-23 - BETA TESTERS ONLY

  • Add Subtract added Pre-key to make dialing in looks easier.
  • Add Mirror, X & Y offsets and scaling
  • Clean-up and renaming some stuff...

Beta / RC v1 4-1-23 - BETA TESTERS ONLY

  • Fixed Drop Shadow parameters. Works now! Make sure to use key or Auto Mask first!
  • Set Auto Mask contrast to 1 by default

v1.0 - 4-1-23 - VJUN.IO & JUICEBAR RELEASE

  • No changes - first release version!

v1.1 - 5-3-23 - Bugfix Release

  • Implements fix for Chroma Key resolution issues. Also works with non-standard aspect ratios now!

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