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Hey.. I'm on beta resolume team for long time.. resolume is long time family for me and I'd be happy help you address few issues you might be having and show you best approach on ways to address it.

Ready? :) Let's go...

First of all.. to address these.we not going to do it here.
There is a system that works better for this ..

Option A: mail @resolume .com ( Bart will see it)!
He is taggable here, but he is a busy man so let's go for Option B.

Option B is better .. jump on slack (link is on the resolume website footer ) where resolume team and many users always communicate and address any issues
That rise up. Once you bring up the subject it will addressed ..

I'll keep an eyeon it in slack channels ...

We got this !!

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Dear Grig (VDMO), don't tell me anything nonsense, do you know how many errors or suggestions for improvement I have reported in the last 3 years, I often tried to contact Bart himself because I didn't get any useful but rather cheeky feedback from Christoph or Zzoltan. Every time it was the same 2 or 3 cheap answers (excuses): "We know about the problem and are adding you to the existing team", "Good idea but for now we are working on new features and updates", "Very good idea, but not at the moment feasible", "We are working on fixing this error", "Good idea but too complicated" - just lots of answers like that. The video dock is a real puzzle where no one can find anything, the once good PDF has been abolished. And as mentioned, if I purchase any product and it turns out that there are defects in contrast to the sales description or conversation, I will contact you with my claim to have the defect rectified. If this is not possible or makes sense, I will get part of the money back and that's the only way that law and the expectations of every buyer!!!! But ResolumeB.V. You talk yourself out of it by denying any claims, according to your "ridiculous general terms and conditions" (license conditions), which only protect you but the customer/user has to sit tight and has nothing to report at all. I had patience for a long time and tried to be understanding, I had around 1 10 days of additional work on my plugin project because the "UniqueID" and preset storage were solved more than problematically and now after 1 year they have only tinkered with it a bit but the problem is by no means solved. So don't tell me anything here!;;;!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for you Feedback & bey dear Greg

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Option B you can build your own software with touch designer, unreal or unity .. many do.
Resolume fits the profile for many vjs out there ..obviously not all cases can be met at all times right away ..but if it's good.. push it again..
Maybe it will be picked up eventually.
Based on your experiences you probably better to focus on your own development imho