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Resolume 7.19 Released | Quick Search, Wire Dashboard Presets, Text Rotation

Massive Update from Resolume Team with 7.19 release.


Quick Search
This changes the way you add effects & sources to your compositions forever. The same handy quick search menu from Wire is now also available in Avenue & Arena. With this menu you can quickly search for effects & sources and add them to your composition, clips, groups or layers. No need to browse in the lists anymore, this is so much quicker!

Quick Search

Slice Transform Upscaling
Previously, in situations where your content resolution was different than your composition resolution, using the Slice Transform before the default transform could result in unexpected scaling. From 7.19 and onwards, placing a Slice Transform before the default Transform, will scale your content to the composition resolution. This also affects layers and groups when they have a different resolution than the composition.

Text Rotation
We've added text rotation to the Text Block source and Text Block effect in Avenue & Arena. For Wire, we've added text rotation to the Text Render node.

Wire Dashboard Presets
You can now create and manage presets on the Wire Dashboard panel. These presets will show up in Avenue & Arena for quick access during live shows. You can also create Arena presets for Wire patches, compile the Wire patch and they are then bundled with the patch for easy distribution.

Wire Dashboard Presets*

Wire Monitor Backgrounds
As requested by the community, we ported over the monitor settings from Arena and Avenue. You can now select whether you want a transparent or black background from the cogwheel menu. Additionally you can snapshot the monitor into an image node or copy the image to the clipboard.

Wire Monitor Backgrounds

New Wire Nodes
A new release means new nodes for Resolume Wire. In this update we've got the Swap node and Polar nodes. The Swap nodes allows you to swap two items within a collection. The To Polar node allows you to convert cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates. The From Polar node allows you to do the opposite and convert polar coordinates to cartesian.

Avenue & Arena Fix List

  • #12902 Icons for Envelope Curves
  • #14746 Elgato Camlink and other capture cards, no worky in Resolume with NV12, YUY2 and I420 formats
  • #17650 This column shortcuts can break creating or loading a new composition
  • #18144 Layer blend selector menu can show in wrong position/display
  • #18721 Additional windows can open at wrong positions with scaled diplays
  • #19304 Play once and clear on mask layer can have one black frame at the end
  • #20115 Mixer names in list should not get shortened if there is enough space
  • #20234 Right click - show in Finder on folder listed in the Fixture editor crashes Arena
  • #20319 Text animator source doesn't update text value via curl / Swagger manual
  • #20336 Spaces should scale the same amount as letters in text generators
  • #20390 Correctly size whitespace of monospaced fonts
  • #20407 Undoing clip audio track remove leaves relocate button on clip

Wire Fix List

  • #20320 Sorting options on Wire Dashboard
  • #16464 Timeline node which played to the end, changes output value when you change it's duration
  • #19696 Timeline can send out values outside of start and end values
  • #19989 Juicebar Wire patch watermark is cropped
  • #20012 Add exclusion to Video Mixer
  • #20019 Values in inspectortje stop updating when hovering over inspectortje
  • #20228 Incorrect Element node index ranges
  • #20257 Event outlets show wrong value on hover, after hovering another outlet shortly

Alley Fix List

  • #19014 Crash in Alley 7.14 with GraphicsHooks
  • #19138 Alley can crash without reports converting lots of files
  • #19289 Alley conversion can make video flicker

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bennoH. • Edited on

They should rather fix the bugs that have been known for years. It's a scam if you have to pay for updates that fixes of the well-known bug in the software you purchased at a past time. A trick to eliminate old bugs and do so only half-heartedly and then mix it with new featchers in order to collect money from all users again.
The fact that the presets are a failure, at least the way it has now been solved, helps that there is nothing at all in the exchange between Arena and Wire, which would be very important and was the stumbling block for me to ask for in 2021!

I am generally satisfied with 7.18, but I would like to have the many, many errors in this version corrected first. I think that this would be my right as a buyer of a product, only @ ResolumeB.V. probably not.πŸ’₯
It's good that the EU will soon massively tighten product liability for software!

Think carefully about something at ResolumeB.V. to acquire!!!
Just use Tool3 πŸ’—or SMODE CommunityπŸ’— for zero dollars a lifetime including all the UPs. !
U find the links on this WebSite!!!

bennoH.🐹 03.19.2024

Switzerland / Europe / Earth
in the same Milky Way as you





This Project was made on a "HP OMEN" Desktop PC with a Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU and it's cloast now.
This project was menthored by the
Light Art Equipment Foundation Europe
HQ Virgin Islands

PS: for great Infos & free Stuff in the Realtimevideosektor i can recoment U highly the Website: vjun.io

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vdmo Author

Bro, your comment
"there is nothing at all in the exchange between Arena and Wire"

I think you maybe lost in some settings but it's really straight forward.
Would you be happy if I made tutorial on how to break it down and get great results quickly ..? You either can compose spout like players with shaders or node systems that parameters of which can live resolume for performance control. let's clear out any confusion and get to a happy place.

Any bugs you encounter .. please log those at slack..

bennoh profile image
bennoH. • Edited on

Slack that I'm not laughing, that crap almost broke my smartphone and together with Discordc they are probably the data collectors and stealers right behind Google, X, linkedIn and whatever else you super smart people of today like. Jorge O. sends greetings and I too. But feel free to do a tutorial on how to do a patch that has just been created and you think you want to test the thing in Arena, open Arena, just play around intuitively with this plugin (patch) and find 10 - 20 unbeatable great settings which you can of course immediately save as presets. Now, after creating 50 more patches like this, you want to get to the final conclusion and compile the shit, remove the original patches (it doesn't work even if you read them in there for now), and now you open Arena, you want to check everything again and you have to find out that everything The super cool presets are not included in the Compulite. I also have to note that you cannot copy these over from the original patches to the compiled ones (nothing was changed in the names before or after compiling). Now you can create fictional presets in the compiled version, open the associated XML file for each of these presets and use the same preset XML of the original patch or. the legacy in Arena the presets sorted to the wire effects or generators. Be careful not to copy the unique ID of the original and not to overwrite the newly created unique ID in the fictional form and only copy the settings into the XML. It's a lot of fun when you have to bring back 10 presets for eatch of the 78 brand new plugins in this way, makes 780 times corections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really really fun. You Guru - Thank you Bugs like this and similar ones are hidden in abundance under the hood of Arena and Wire. So don't come to me like I just started the video yesterday (tutorial!). It's just time to call a spade a spade, and coders also have to do what they do and especially ResolumeB.V. It seems to me that their wide distribution and huge sales figures have gone to my head!!!!!! So that's my opinion, can I have one and share it here?! bennoH.πŸΉπŸ™

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vdmo Author

Hey.. I'm on beta resolume team for long time.. resolume is long time family for me and I'd be happy help you address few issues you might be having and show you best approach on ways to address it.

Ready? :) Let's go...

First of all.. to address these.we not going to do it here.
There is a system that works better for this ..

Option A: mail @resolume .com ( Bart will see it)!
He is taggable here, but he is a busy man so let's go for Option B.

Option B is better .. jump on slack (link is on the resolume website footer ) where resolume team and many users always communicate and address any issues
That rise up. Once you bring up the subject it will addressed ..

I'll keep an eyeon it in slack channels ...

We got this !!

bennoh profile image

Dear Grig (VDMO), don't tell me anything nonsense, do you know how many errors or suggestions for improvement I have reported in the last 3 years, I often tried to contact Bart himself because I didn't get any useful but rather cheeky feedback from Christoph or Zzoltan. Every time it was the same 2 or 3 cheap answers (excuses): "We know about the problem and are adding you to the existing team", "Good idea but for now we are working on new features and updates", "Very good idea, but not at the moment feasible", "We are working on fixing this error", "Good idea but too complicated" - just lots of answers like that. The video dock is a real puzzle where no one can find anything, the once good PDF has been abolished. And as mentioned, if I purchase any product and it turns out that there are defects in contrast to the sales description or conversation, I will contact you with my claim to have the defect rectified. If this is not possible or makes sense, I will get part of the money back and that's the only way that law and the expectations of every buyer!!!! But ResolumeB.V. You talk yourself out of it by denying any claims, according to your "ridiculous general terms and conditions" (license conditions), which only protect you but the customer/user has to sit tight and has nothing to report at all. I had patience for a long time and tried to be understanding, I had around 1 10 days of additional work on my plugin project because the "UniqueID" and preset storage were solved more than problematically and now after 1 year they have only tinkered with it a bit but the problem is by no means solved. So don't tell me anything here!;;;!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for you Feedback & bey dear Greg

Thread Thread
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vdmo Author • Edited on

Option B you can build your own software with touch designer, unreal or unity .. many do.
Resolume fits the profile for many vjs out there ..obviously not all cases can be met at all times right away ..but if it's good.. push it again..
Maybe it will be picked up eventually.
Based on your experiences you probably better to focus on your own development imho