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Bro, your comment
"there is nothing at all in the exchange between Arena and Wire"

I think you maybe lost in some settings but it's really straight forward.
Would you be happy if I made tutorial on how to break it down and get great results quickly ..? You either can compose spout like players with shaders or node systems that parameters of which can live resolume for performance control. let's clear out any confusion and get to a happy place.

Any bugs you encounter .. please log those at slack..

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bennoH. • Edited on

Slack that I'm not laughing, that crap almost broke my smartphone and together with Discordc they are probably the data collectors and stealers right behind Google, X, linkedIn and whatever else you super smart people of today like. Jorge O. sends greetings and I too. But feel free to do a tutorial on how to do a patch that has just been created and you think you want to test the thing in Arena, open Arena, just play around intuitively with this plugin (patch) and find 10 - 20 unbeatable great settings which you can of course immediately save as presets. Now, after creating 50 more patches like this, you want to get to the final conclusion and compile the shit, remove the original patches (it doesn't work even if you read them in there for now), and now you open Arena, you want to check everything again and you have to find out that everything The super cool presets are not included in the Compulite. I also have to note that you cannot copy these over from the original patches to the compiled ones (nothing was changed in the names before or after compiling). Now you can create fictional presets in the compiled version, open the associated XML file for each of these presets and use the same preset XML of the original patch or. the legacy in Arena the presets sorted to the wire effects or generators. Be careful not to copy the unique ID of the original and not to overwrite the newly created unique ID in the fictional form and only copy the settings into the XML. It's a lot of fun when you have to bring back 10 presets for eatch of the 78 brand new plugins in this way, makes 780 times corections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really really fun. You Guru - Thank you Bugs like this and similar ones are hidden in abundance under the hood of Arena and Wire. So don't come to me like I just started the video yesterday (tutorial!). It's just time to call a spade a spade, and coders also have to do what they do and especially ResolumeB.V. It seems to me that their wide distribution and huge sales figures have gone to my head!!!!!! So that's my opinion, can I have one and share it here?! bennoH.🐹🙏