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Gallery PsyGan | Immersive AI Projection Mapping with Unreal Engine 5

Gallery PsyGan - Immersive AI Projection Mapping with Unreal Engine pairs AI generated art with Epic Games's Unreal Engine 5 and virtual reality to produce a unique exploration of dimension and visual style.

The work of Sean Simon goes through scattered 40 unique hotspots throughout the gallery for players to discover. Each hotspot takes the player down a surreal mindbending reality.

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Intention to turn the unique style of AI generated art into a playable realtime experience with 6 degrees of freedom is for players are able to freely roam around the volume.

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The pipeline for creating Gallery PsyGan involves:
• Blocking out the gallery environment and scattering hotspot locations to fill the volume.
• Creating a batch renderer that captures a 360 degree high-contrast ambient occlusion post processing pass at each location
• Feeding each 360 degree photo through VQGAN+CLIP (a Text-to-Image Model) with unique prompts for 1000 iterations. The AO pass helps guide the AI towards breaking up features in the final output where intersecting geometry appears. This ensures there is still some coherence with the original dimensionality.
• Batch upscaling the artworks with Topaz Gigapixel for a high definition experience.
• Projecting the AI art at the locations their source image was captured by developing and using a custom spherical projection decal shader in Unreal Engine.
• Interpolating the decal intensity when the player is in weighted proximity of each hotspot.

Unreal Engine has been a huge help in speeding up the creation process for custom pipelines like these.

Here is the full exploration of Gallery PsyGan:

If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, head over to Itch.io to play the Desktop version: https://thosesixfaces.itch.io/gallery-psygan

"I cannot wait to tread further down this exciting intersection of realtime technologies and neural art - Sean Simon"

neither can we!! :)

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Adem Jaffers (vjMandala)

Very nice. And perfect timing!