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GeoPix - Free and Open Source Real-Time Lighting Control and Previz software.

GeoPix: Revolutionizing Real-Time Lighting Control and Previz


GeoPix is a cutting-edge, free, and open-source software designed for real-time lighting control and previsualization (previz). Built using TouchDesigner, GeoPix offers a workflow and user interface inspired by 3D animation software, making it intuitive for users familiar with such environments.

GeoPix 2.0 Demo

The core mission of GeoPix is to streamline and unify the lighting workflow. It seamlessly integrates various types of lights, including LED strips, DMX lights, and video surfaces, into a cohesive system. This integration ensures a smooth process for mapping real-time video and generative content onto intricate arrays of pixels and lights, enhancing the creative possibilities for lighting designers and VJs.

GeoPixOSC Tutorial

Additionally, GeoPix addresses a significant gap in the industry by bridging the divide between lighting control and lighting previsualization. Traditionally, these tasks require multiple, often expensive, software and hardware solutions. GeoPix simplifies this by providing a comprehensive, cost-effective tool that brings both functions together, making it an invaluable resource for professionals seeking efficient and innovative lighting solutions.

Website: https://www.geopix.io/
GitHub for Download: https://github.com/EnviralDesign/GeoPix

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