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KaleiderTM & LiquibTM 3.0 for windows are now Free

KaleiderTM Kaleidoscopes & Mirrors


Kaleider manipulates images to create sometimes complex pictures of reflected portions of the screen. It is a capable graphics tool for people who are interested in symmetry, tiling, tessellation and mosaic patterns. Aside from any usefulness though, Kaleider is really just entertaining and fascinating to watch while in Automatic Effects mode. Kaleider actions can be captured to Video, and the Scripting feature makes it possible to design and refine performances of evolving Kaleider effects.

LiquibTM 3.0 Liquid Imagery


Liquib is another graphics tool (or toy) that translates mathematics into visual imagery. It treats an image as if it were a fluid, which can be distorted by various transformations, creating liquid image, marbled paper and Droste type effects. Liquib manipulations can be applied manually, or you can relax and be entertained by Automatic Effects. Liquib display sequences can be captured to Video, and actions can be Scripted to create choreographed performances of dynamic art.

Tools and Effects can be manually applied to express your creativity with unique transformations. Or you can relax and be entertained by the Automatic Effects feature. Watch as images are contorted, distorted and transmuted by randomly chosen manipulations, always fresh and evolving. Liquib effects can be reflected onto mirroring panels to create Tiles, which can optionally be centered to maximize symmetries. The visual display can be accompanied by music from the Audio Player. Liquib display sequences can be captured to Video, and actions can be Scripted to create choreographed performances of dynamic art.

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I don't was testing out right now, but sounds super great!
Of course it would be nice if these things had Spout integration (in & especially out). But as a real fan of symmetry and kaleidoscope and ornamentation (I have been collecting ceramics for a long time, especially becus the tile ornamentation and seamless technology from ancient times), I have to try it out next time.

If necessary, I just have to feed it into Reso Arena via a screen scanner.

Yes, I thank you VDMO and even more so the developers😜, but that is exactly the type of contributions that I really appreciate here.

I would be happy to come back to it shortly after testing it.

With just the best wishes bennoH.🐼🙋

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vdmo Author
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THX by bennoH.

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bennoH. • Edited on

Yesterday I downloaded "KaleiderTM" now and installed it direct (Win64), which is very easy to do without email or the like to gifaway. 💗
⭐🌟🌠The program coms with a spout out which is really noticed by Resolume Arena after about 35 seconds after starting it in the Kalaeidermenue and appears under the sources in Arena, i.e. can be dragged onto a layer as a clip.
🙏Great work, thank you!
The program can also convince me otherwise. It's free and has so mutch creative posibilits, just it is probably been developed for a long time (too ago), so icons or selection menus for directoris etc. look a bit like "Win98". However, the program should not be underestimated in terms of its possibilities and beats all existing kaleidoscope effect plugins from Resolume by far.
However, the operating concept is a bit special and also the operation itself. Due to the many possibilities which are offered, it is not to be used on the fly and requires a limited amount of time and real interest and some love for seamles, symmetry and Kaleidoscope things. The latter is particularly true if you want to create animations and want to create your own patches for this, but the possibilities are almost infinite and extrem diverse, there are developers behind them with passion and great creativity when it comes to conception and coding.

I can warmly recommend "KaleiderTM" to everyone in the realtime or grafic area when it comes to video or still images.

I myself will try to use it first in short for a "flickr.com" birthday video and graphics, but this is already on February 10th, so will be Flickr 20 years resp. went online.
So i can hold the dadline i puplish the Link to this Works (KaleiederPeomos) hear to next.

Have fun and with just the best wishes to all members here and 👏💗🙏many thanks to the generous funky developers of "Kaleider" from bennoH.🐼🙋
out of the mountenous Switzerland @ Europe , in the seam mikiway as U

P.S. THX agains to VDMO for this great info and presentation - cool stuff !!

Just one small request to the developers: Make sure the OpenGL source code elements are up to date. The most ideal solution would of course be to recode it to Vulkan and working with SPIR-V for shadings (renderApis), then the next 15 years of success are assured and your awesome project will be able to be pursued by a successor generation of developers for a long time to come.
Secure your place in the RealtimeVideo “Hall of Fame”!

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My 20th anniversary Promovid for flickr.com


This are my shortWork, a trayout by first use and check out.

Cheers bennoH.🐼🙋