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Spout Win32CaptureSample v2.0.3

Are You a Spout user and want to Spout out Your Life Even More?

This is it, You are looking at it! ;)

win32capture is very effective tool that lets you capture snap any window on your win machine and turn it into spout source. // I suggest we call it - Pew Pew.. :)

This update also comes with command prompt control options. So clickatey click!...Pew Pew !

Win32CaptureSample with Spout output

Release v2.0.3 - command line option to capture a specific window or monitor.
Download "Binaries_03-01-23.zip" below and unzip to a convenient folder
Edit "aa-capture.bat" for command line details

This release has 3 assets:

Source code (zip)
Source code (tar.gz)
Visit the release page to download them


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GitHub logo leadedge / Win32CaptureSample

A simple sample using the Windows.Graphics.Capture APIs in a Win32 application.


A simple sample using the Windows.Graphics.Capture APIs in a Win32 application.

Created by Robert Mikhayelyan

Modified for Spout output

Pre-compiled binaries in Spout\Binaries

  • Add console for debugging.
  • Limit to BRGA8 format.
  • Default cursor capture off.
  • Add "Send client area" option.
  • Include window handle for TryStartCaptureFromWindowHandle and StartCaptureFromItem
  • Add m_hWnd to SimpleCapture
  • Add Spout sender to SimpleCapture
  • Add SendTexture to OnFrameArrived
  • Add command line window or display capture

Search for "SPOUT" in :
Main.cpp, App.h, SimpleCapture.h, SimpleCapture.cpp, SampleWindow.h, SampleWindow.cpp

Build with Visual Studio 2022 - Windows 64 bit only.
SpoutDX.dll must be copied to the folder containing the executable e.g. "\x64\Release"
Find it in : Win32CaptureSample\SpoutDX

SpoutDX - for this application, added function to send part of a texture.
bool SendTexture(ID3D11Texture2D* pTexture, unsigned int xoffset, unsigned int yoffset, unsigned int width, unsigned int height);

Instructions for command line capture can be found in Spout\Binaries\aa-capture.bat

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