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PIECES OF WORK is an original podcast series of in-depth interviews with people who love their work, in their own words. Interesting subjects and unusual suspects reveal their work day and the passion for their chosen professions.

PIECES OF WORK Episode 8 features special guest CHRISTOPHER THOMAS ALLEN, an accomplished artist and filmmaker based in Hackney, East London. His work crosses a range of different media and formats, from award-winning documentary films and animations; immersive interactive installation projects to pioneering live cinema performances that have been experienced by audiences internationally.

A thoughtful and fascinating personality, throughout this in-depth monologue, Chris reveals his creative inspirations, collaborating with multi-disciplinary artists and academics, how he established himself as one of the top innovative audio-visual producers in the international music, art, film and design world, creating his now 20+ year firm The Light Surgeons, and much more.

Over the past 25 years, Chris and his studio has exhibited this work in major museums, art galleries, cultural institutes, festivals and biennials. Many of his projects involve collaboration with other artists and designers across the creative disciplines. This collaborative practice led him to establish a media arts studio under the name “The Light Surgeons” in the mid 1990’s. Through this studio, Chris operates as a filmmaker, audiovisual artist, creative producer and director, collaborating with a network of different sound artists, musicians, animators, architects, designers and software developers to realize a wide range of different creative projects.

light surgeons

Visit the Light Surgeons website at www.lightsurgeons.com to see photos and videos of the incredible and awe-inspiring art, design and installation environments created by Chris and his team!

Check out The Light Surgeons' “Super Everything Project” at www.supereverything.net and for the “Super Everything” vinyl release on Utter Recordings, go to the Light Surgeons' bandcamp page, or listen on all major streaming platforms.

More film and documentation of The Light Surgeons’ installations and performance work can be found on their YouTube and Vimeo channels - and follow them @thelightsurgeons on all social media.

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PIECES OF WORK is a unique interview series of interesting subjects and unusual suspects talking about their chosen profession. Check out previous episodes anytime and subscribe NOW on all podcast platforms or live & direct on jasoncharles.net Podcast Network TALK channel

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