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A visual programming environment for audio experimentation, prototyping and education

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plugdata - A visual programming environment for audio experimentation, prototyping and education

Came across modified PureData project called - plugdata.


It being direct relative of PureData brought some memories. Being somewhat irregular user of PureData for well over a decade, I recall trying and experimenting with various configurations and event writing about some VJ software built entirely in PureData it over the years.

So I thought, let's see if we can look at possible implementation of GEM library for PureData that deals with Visual aspects inside plugdata. After few munutes of search I had found recent comment for user Timothy who stated this earlier today on discord plugdata channel.

"Timothy — Today at 12:21 AM
I didn't know this was a problem (edit - GEM in plugdata), I'll take a look. One of the main problems on Windows, is that the ASIO SDK's license is not compatible with the GPL license, so we're not allowed to use it"

yep, Pd is BSD licensed, so they are allowed to mix closed-source and open-source libraries. plugdata is based on Camomile, which is GPL licensed, and that also forces me to use the GPL license.

So with this in mind I'll put GEM research in plugdata on temporary hold and simply go over what one can expect from plugdata as a software.

First and foremost. It looks so fresh!

Plugdata v 0.7.0


So what is it?

plugdata is a free/open-source visual programming environment based on pure-data. Available for a wide range of operating systems, and can be used as a standalone app, or as a VST3, LV2 or AU plugin.

it brings

Many, many objects

plugdata comes with the ELSE and cyclone libraries installed by default. ELSE is a large set of general-purpose objects that offer more high-level abstraction on top of pure-data. Cyclone is included to make Max users feel at home when they use plugdata. Find out more about ELSE


Export patches to audio plugins, embedded platforms or raw code
By integrating the Heavy/hvcc project, you can convert patches into C/C++ code, all from plugdata. It ships with a compiler toolchain to make exporting plugins, or building patches for embedded platforms a piece of cake. You can find out more about Heavy here.

export plugins panel ui

Dark mode and theming capabilities

plugdata is fully themable, and has a light and dark mode option by default. plugdata is built with customisability and accessibility in mind.


Vanilla compatibility

plugdata is directly based on pd-vanilla, with minimal modifications to the original source code. This ensures very high compatibility between pure-data and plugdata patches

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to find out more jump to https://plugdata.org/

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maybe github.com/cuinjune/Ofelia can get integrated to it this for visual needs.