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Resolume 7.10 release

Latest 7.10 update from resolume is out featuring set of tasty features and improvements covering slices for wire,opacity modes UI improvements and so much more. Read on...

New Blend Modes Menu
Quickly selecting a different blend mode for a layer was always a bit of a pain in the a$$. You got this huge list of blend modes and transitions but often use only a handful. With the new blend modes dropdown menu you can favourite the blends you use the most and fold down the rest so they are out of the way.

Wire Test Slices
Creating a patch with slice inputs in Wire was like programming blindfolded. There was no way to see what your slices were doing until you loaded the patch in Arena. But now you can enable some dummy test slices on the Slices input node in Wire so you can actually see what you're doing before loading your patch in Arena.

Wire Fix List

  • 15925 String to Float & Int Conversion
  • 16387 Choice Input, Buttons or Dropdown
  • 16820 ALT + SHIFT Click to select entire "branch" in wire patch
  • 16871 Converting Multi-Channel strings into a single channel with Merge Node
  • 16872 Add wrapping to the Substring node.
  • 16884 Add overloads for float2, float3, float4 to Wrap node
  • 17017 Dashboard and Choice In can't show umlauts and other strange characters
  • 17027 Make Within node work with instanced texture
  • 17037 Crash double clicking monitor source text in monitor panel
  • 17065 Video player should not reset play position when clicking play
  • 117072 Export can't be canceled
  • 17107 Slice info shape doesn't match with Slice with weird resolutions
  • 17110 Show invalid connection on load as red cord

Arena & Avenue Fix List

  • 17075 External Key/Fill with Blackmagic cards does not work as expected
  • 16708 Transform positions from v6 clip can translate to wrong position in v7
  • 16888 Turn on ZeroConfig for WebServer
  • 16940 Render from mp4 can have crackling at the peaks
  • 17021 Mouse sets color on both mousedown and mouse release on color picker, should only do it on down
  • 17079 AV clips can reset their in/out point going from 7.8 to 7.9
  • 17109 Crash unplugging thunderbolt hub
  • 17114 Text parameters are missing from the REST-API
  • 17124 Crash opening Advanced output with v6 AdvancedOutput.xml

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