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VC | EP12 - Matthew Childers/Digital Introspect, A massive heart, A weird mind, A killer VJ

We get weird for Episode 12 with the beautiful and hysterical Matthew Childers aka @digitalintrospect

Mathew is a force of nature, a completely unique visual artist with a heart of gold and a mind that is absolutely full of what i like to call weird shit, he tours with massive music acts, plays some of the biggest festivals in the country and makes award winning music videos.
This episode was one of the funnest for me and i know you all will love it!

We get pretty deep in this one, we talk about mathews wacky teenage years, his military service, his use of art as a healthy addiction, his insane hacking abilitys, his love of touchdesigner, building his own midi controllers, fatherhood and the pharmaceutical industrial complex - well that last one is on me..

For DIs set , we get an insanely fun audio/visual set with music made by Mathew himself, and then jump into his unique resolume project, we then take a look at how he made his award winning music video, with a dip into after effects, photoshop, comfy UI and midjourney.

Check out Mathew’s socials for some trippy exciting content -

Instagram: digital_introspect_visuals
Facebook: digitalintrospect

Tiktok: digitalintrospect

(chapters coming soon...)

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