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VX - Coming Soonish


vx is hexler.net prototype real-time visuals system

  • Live-code CPU and GPU code
  • Load meshes, shaders, textures. Dispatch render and compute calls. Scriptable and editable in real-time and in-application - with instant preview.

A multi-channel mixer with extensive routing
Mix, match and blend real-time visuals, videos, images and streams from other applications on the same machine.

Lua and Shader scripting
Fast Lua scripting engine to orchestrate real-time scenes. GLSL scripting pipeline to control GPU-side code.


Massivley cross-platform
All scripts, shaders and resources packaged and cross-compiled to be easily shared with all supported mobile and desktop platforms.

Beta preview coming soon(ish)!
We've been using the application in a live setting for years, but with direct access to source code comes a lack of user-facing documentation, help and configuration options. We're working on it... check back again soon!


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Cool info👍
THX a lot for sharing with us, vjun.io & vdmo!

I hope this is an opensourc issue or a free version is released like SMOD community at the end, then this would be much more interesting 🌈.