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Making a show | SHOW vLOG | #Resolume #CHASER #Adobe

πŸš€ Welcome to a whole new style video with vLogging in post, on this channel! πŸŽ₯ Dive into the exciting world of our recent project where my team and I teamed up to bring you an exclusive breakdown. From crafting an epic stage visuals to illuminating the atmosphere with custom LED pixel blocks, creating mesmerizing synched visuals, adapting stock VJ loops, and even designing custom contents– we've got it all covered!

πŸ” In this video, we dissect a piece of our live concert endeavor, the Hybrid Experience V2. Join forces with #StudioZ_bd as we collaborated with the producer to take it to V2 – and of course, we did it with a visual bang! 🌟 The headliner bands, Nagar Baul and Artcell, were making history in Bangla Rock Music, and we couldn't be more thrilled to create visuals for these iconic musical milestones. Growing up with their songs, it was a breeze translating our ideas into visuals because it was all in our brains!

🎬 Get ready for an in-depth exploration into the creative process as we break down the nitty-gritty details using After Effects, Resolume Arena, Video Copilot Saber, Akai MIDI Mapping, and the secrets behind creating custom visuals and anamorphic video content productions! 🌈 Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a young visual artist, this video is your backstage pass to the magic that goes into making a visually stunning concert experience. Hit play and join us on this electrifying journey! ⚑✨

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Light Designer: Mohammed RIdwan
Script, Idea- Zunayed Sabbir Ahmed

AV Production- Ahmed Sifat, Ariful Islam Bappi

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