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Heavy M 2.12.6 - improvement to Playback and more

Heavy M is proud to present HeavyM 2.12.6, the latest evolution of our beloved video mapping software. This update introduces a suite of revolutionary features designed to enrich your creativity and streamline your workflow.

heavy m 2.12.6
Random Function & Presets: Explore unique effect combinations at the click of a button and dive into a carefully curated collection of HeavyM effects, pre-configured and ready-to-use. Whether you're looking to save time or find a solid starting point for customization, our presets are your gateway to instant creativity.

Custom Presets: Beyond the ready-to-use HeavyM presets, design your own tailored combinations. Think of presets as your personal color palette, storing your best effect combinations. Saved in a dedicated folder on your computer, these presets can be seamlessly integrated into all your projects, ensuring your signature touch is always within reach.

Video Playback Improvements: We've significantly enhanced video playback quality to ensure top-notch performance. This major upgrade guarantees your projects will run smoother and more efficiently than ever.

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