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HeavyM 2.10 Heavy Update

With this new version we are making profound changes to several aspects of the software.


New Sequences module

New Sequences module

The sequencer is completely transformed and becomes more visual and practical to use:

Sequences module

  1. Create the different parts of your projects with ease
  2. Use options to customize the look of your sequences
  3. Organize your sequences in several tabs
  4. Two playback modes available: linear and random!
  5. Control any action with MIDI, OSC, DMX

New Timeline module

Plan your shows with extraordinary precision thanks to the addition of this new Timeline mode!

New Timeline module

Timeline module

Import any audio track
Drag and drop the sequences in the timeline (not in the beta version)
Build in a very precise way the highlights of your project
Create logical sequences of actions (transitions, pause, loop, ...)

New Audio module
We have completely redesigned the audio analysis module to get ultra-realistic and fluid sound synchronization.

Analyse Audio - HeavyM 2.10

New design and completely rewritten
More accurate audio analysis
Smoother analysis animations
Customizable frequency bands

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