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Kairos - A complete framework for data control and composition in vvvv

Welcome to Kairos 1.1.5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Main new features:

Kairos Editor UI window for kairos nodes editing
Launcher1D composition tool, in the essence a preset launcher
Kairos 1.1 runs on vvvv 5.2, so make sure to download our beloved visual programming environment here

you can then install the latest Kairos nuget by opening the nuget commandline:


and typing:

nuget install vl.Kairos

Once installed, open the help browser by pressing F1 and search for the Kairos library in the Learn section.
There's already a cute collection of help patches to help you with the basics


Notes from Natan Sinigaglia (dev)

Expect more help patches to come in the future, with use-case examples as well.
For now, the most comprehensive and exhausting source of knowledge available to the public is the recording of the workshop that I gave the last month, still available for purchase on the Node Institute website
I hope you will enjoy playing with this fresh version of the library.
If you have feedback or need to report bugs, consider using the Issues section of the GitHub repository.
Now an equally important update about the Kairos Research Lab itself

Many things have changed in the last months:

The Kairos research lab team was reduced to the members effectively working on the project. This felt necessary to publicly reflect the entity of the project, in order to recalibrate expectations.
The team is now composed by:

  • me (Natan Sinigaglia), main developer working on the kairos nodeset.
  • gregsn and azeno (vvvv core developers), deeply committed to support kairos development by contributing theoretically to the library definition and practically by crafting patching patterns and supplying vl and vvvv features for it. Making such a project is not a joke, I have to say. It became a full-time job for me, without any corresponding remuneration though.

I did it because I see the urgency of having a tool like Kairos in our toolchain.
Nevertheless, it became a huge investment of time and resources.
My intention last year was to share this effort within a collective, to make it sustainable for the individuals. For various reasons, this didn't happen.
To cover (even partially) the crazy amount of work and make sure that the project can grow in the next future, we now introduce a licensing model for commercial use.
You can find the options (similar to vvvv licencing model) in the Kairos research lab home page:


One important note:

I decided to keep the source code available for educational purposes.
the licensing model is not MIT anymore though.
you can find the new licensing model here

As I said, Kairos is just at the beginning of its glory. There are tons of amazing features that could land and exponentially extend its capabilities.
I really trust the community to responsibly share the effort and financially support the project.
I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the new version!
From me and the rest of the Kairos Research Lab,
have an amazing summertime!

Reference Links:


GitHub Repo:

GitHub logo KairosResearchLab / Kairos

A complete framework for data control and composition in the vvvv visual programming environment.


A complete framework for data control and composition in vvvv

Matrix vvvv

VL.Kairos banner


Kairos works with the latest vvvv gamma 5.2. Get it here


  • Go to Gamma's Quad menu > Manage Nugets > Commandline and type
nuget install VL.Kairos
  • Press Enter and wait the ending of the installation process
  • For more information on nugets and how to use them in vvvv, click here
Package Current version Description
VL.AlchemX VL.AlchemX A library dedicated to value synthesis. It includes functionalities for value interpolation, blending and compositing
VL.LayerX VL.LayerX A library to handle values by embedding them into Layers, allowing sampling and advanced multi-layer compositing
VL.Touchy VL.Touchy A multi-touch gesture based interactive engine
VL.Kairos.Runtime VL.Kairos.Runtime Contains all the Kairos functionalities to run without all the UI editors provided by VL.Kairos
VL.Kairos VL.Kairos


  • High level functionalities
    • Timeline tool
    • Compositor tool
  • Tools are nestable inside each other
  • Advanced layer system
  • Advanced interpolation, blending and compositing techniques
  • Direct support for…

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