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LumaMap - Projection content generator, powered by AI

All-In-One Tool
Get started with projection mapping with one application. LumaMap brings together all the tools needed to transform a plain surface into a captivating projection display. Mapping, AI and creative art tools, all in one place.

Made For Beginners
(And For Pros)
LumaMap’s intuitive tools and straight-forward workflow make it easy for beginners to get started with projection mapping without the learning curve. The creative potential enables even pros to level up their displays too.

One Click Wonders
Combine a photo with creative art tools and an imaginative text prompt and click Generate. Watch as your artistic vision is brought to life by the in-built AI generator. Hours of design work can now be achieved with just a single click.

Real-Time Results
Make live creative edits to your designs and preview from your projector in real-time as you work. LumaMap’s workflow is fast, interactive and fun.

Unique To You
No two AI generations are alike. This means you won’t see a projected display like yours anywhere else. It’s one-of-a-kind, completely unique to you and your vision.


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Graham Thorne

This is so cool.