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OSSIA SCORE 3.1.6 - Multiple Video Improvements

ossia score - an interactive sequencer for the intermedia arts

New features


  • Video: support threaded decoding (see the settings)
  • Video: support hardware-accelerated video decoding
    • Note: on Windows and macOS the support is built-in, on Linux for now this needs a build of score against your distro's FFMPEG version as the one provided with score does not yet link with Cuda / Intel libs / VDPAU / VAAPI / ...
  • Video: audio tracks will now be loaded when dropping a video file
  • Video: add GLSL-based decoder for NV12 texture format, add support for 32-bit float textures
  • Video: add support for loading .webm files
  • Audio: a new streaming decoder has been implemented so that 5.1 1h30 movies' audio tracks do not take 10 GB of RAM but are decoded on the flight instead
  • WASM: first steps towards audio & video file support in the web build: score now links with a WASM version of ffmpeg and the GFX plug-in providing the video & isf feature builds successfully (but does not work yet)
  • New Raspberry Pi build targeting AArch64 Debian Bullseye. It performs better than the 32-bit one so if you can, use it! (64-bit OS is of course needed)
  • Execution: allow to choose how many threads are used by the score engine in parallel mode
  • Color automation: allow to choose in which unit the gradient outputs. Note that the default has been changed to RGBA instead of ARGB (#1444).
  • Color automation: allow to drop colors from the explorer to create new points
  • Gfx: Add support for GPU profiling with Renderdoc to the source code
  • Mapper device: support returning {address:, value:} arrays when an address is bound



  • Improve conversions of various data types from / to javascript
  • Various improvements and fixes to the Mapper processes
  • Various small bugfixes all over the place
  • Fix that "reinitialize" had stopped resetting the UI button for play
  • Fix a bug when editing two points on a curve on the same abscissa
  • Fix an ISF crash on invalid input
  • Fix that moving the nodal layer did not work
  • Many smaller fixes to video decoding, less memory used, faster load times, less CPU busywork, etc

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ossia score, an interactive sequencer for the intermedia arts

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ossia score is a sequencer for audio-visual artists, designed to create interactive shows.

Sequence OSC, MIDI, DMX, sound, video and more, between multiple software and hardware, create interactive and intermedia scores and script with JavaScript, PureData or C++ to customize your score.

Free, open source and runs on desktop, mobile, web and embedded.

Read more on https://ossia.io, come ask questions on the forum or hang out in our chat, we will be happy to help you !

Quick download links: latest official release / bleeding edge

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Releases are available for Windows, Linux (via AppImage) and Mac OS X.

  • Windows: install and run.
  • OS X: extract and run ossia score.app.
  • Linux: make executable (right click -> permissions or chmod +x) and run the AppImage.

Build status

  • Official Win/Mac/Linux releases: Azure Pipelines
  • ArchLinux, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Debian, WASM, Raspberry Pi: Linux distro build
  • Ubuntu Bionic, Focal on GCC, Clang: Ubuntu build
  • macOS (with Brew): macOS build
  • Windows…

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