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smode 9.3

Very exciting news!! smode hits 9.3

The entire Smode Tech team is proud to announce the release of SMODE 9.3: ultra-flexible live compositing and media server platform! Here is a quick overview of the main new features!

Discover SMODE 9.3

The interface can now be highly customized to fit your specific workflow. Focus your work thanks the filter feature and work on multiple monitors!

Text Layers
Discover the brand new way to manipulate Text in real-time with this new type of layers.

Prepare assets that react to specific content. An ideal tool for titling.

Networking features have been taken to a higher level with the introduction of the project topology. Your servers are now visible in the element tree, communication between servers has been improved and is now based on a Pull/Push architecture.

Many others improvements and features are waiting for you!

Read the full changelog here.

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