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Spout Updates for 2023

Spout Updates for the new year. Reference

Version 2.007.009 is the latest Spout release.

A new option in SpoutSettings allows the user to access Windows Graphics Preferences directly. Diagnostics for SpoutSettings, Demo Sender and Receiver are extended and the “SpoutPanel” sender selection program shows more information about the sender texture, computer type, graphics adapters present and the one used by the sender application.

Spout SDK

Master branch has been updated for 2.007.009.

SpoutGL, SpoutDX, SpoutLibrary Source files.

Examples, Binaries, new INSTALL folder.

Update details in UPDATES.md

SpoutCam version 2.026 updated with lastest SpoutDX files.

For Magic Music Visuals, Magic NDI version 1.018, is revised for NDI 5.5.2. The Magic Spout Sender module version 2.002, updated with current “SpoutGL” source files.

Spout to NDI version 2.018. New setting for software frame timing which can help reduce hesitations.

Win32CaptureSample (display/window capture with Spout output) Version 2.0.3 updated for command line capture of a specific window or display.

Spout Video Player version 2.001, 64bit version updated with revised addons ofxNDI and ofxWinMenu, SpoutLibrary and NDI 5.5.2.

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