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Tooll 3.8.1 Update

New Features

  • InfinitySlider for value manipulation
  • We added our new shader-based particle system. Check the [HowToUseParticles] and other examples to get started.
  • We aligned PBR rendering and material settings with Blender.
  • Fullscreen can be toggled with F11.
  • Focus Mode can be toggled with F12.


Documentation and Help

We understand that documentation and help are essential to getting the most out of Tooll3. That's why we spent significant time on this release improving the situation:

  • Comments can be added to operators. We completely reworked all howtos and added hundreds of comments that explain in more detail what's going on and what to pay attention to.
  • Operators can have external links to tutorial videos or documentation.
  • We made a new introduction video and tweaked a lot of usability features on the fly.
  • Cleaned up documentation for all [HowTos] tutorials.
  • We implemented an exporter to utilize machine learning-based spelling correction on all description and documentation texts.
  • We aligned the namespaces and names of many operators to make them more accessible.

Working with Graphs...

We spent a lot of time perfecting the graph workflow:

  • Clicking operators in the Symbol Library will insert them into the graph.
  • Operator inputs can be clicked to open the symbol browser.
  • Scroll canvas to avoid the open browser close to the edge.
  • Console log now shows startup messages.
  • Improved tooltips for many data types (show buffer size, types, and other details).
  • Improved design of annotations.
  • Improved font scaling of operator nodes.
  • Operators with string, Vec2, and Vec3 can be bypassed.
  • Tweak visual design of interactive operators such as Gradient, Value, String, SampleCurve.
  • Connected values are now correctly displayed.
  • Parameter values, curves, and AnimValue shapes are now correctly displayed on the graph before the first update.
  • Add a user setting to (disable) suspend rendering when the editor window is minimized.
  • Update Roboto font files to improve font rendering in the editor and tweak font sizes.
  • List keyboard shortcuts in settings.
  • Improve switching of focus mode.
  • Show playback speed multiplier when pressing L or J multiple times.

Further Improvements

  • Improve the layout of Settings windows to make it easier to navigate and scan.
  • Clicking a parameter resets to default and removes animations.
  • Drastically (10x) improve video export performance with the BRGA format converter.
  • Show helpful warning messages if Windows Diagnostic Tools are not installed.
  • Show a warning if "T3Editor.exe" is started instead of "StartT3.exe."
  • Add a popup editor for sample curve.
  • Add a user setting to reset playback position after stop.
  • Clear the parameter name after adding with the parameter dialog.


  • Fix saving after "Fix files."
  • Fix 20+ crashes and exceptions reported by crash reports.
  • Restore window size after toggling fullscreen.
  • Fix the visibility of the time marker on 4k displays.


  • Cleanup Utilities window and implement asset management with usage and renaming.
  • Align consistency of all shaders and folders.
  • Cleanup default images and folders.

New Operators

  • [ParticleSystem] with tons of forces and examples.
  • [MidiOutput].
  • [StartGlowStreak].
  • [GetBpm].
  • [DrawMeshCelShading].
  • [DisplaceMesh].
  • [CombineMaterialChannels] can be used to combine multiple images for Metallic, Reflectivity, and AmbientOcclusion into packed image for [SetMaterial]

Improved Operators

  • [Boolean] features color and improved design and usability.
  • [DirectionalBlur] now offers a refine pass for nicer creation of abstract designs. Also, check the new example.
  • [ImageLevels] now visualizes negative colors.
  • [PairPointsForSplines] computes orientation along the spline.
  • [Steps] has improved highlighting and offset.
  • [Blob] With improved scaling.
  • [SetMaterial], [DrawMesh], [DrawMeshAtPoints] now feature much improved rendering.

Noteworthy New Examples

  • [HowToUseParticles].
  • [BooleanExample].
  • [DirectionalBlurExample].
  • [CamPositionExamples].
  • [ParticleCollisionExample].


  • [SSOA] now uses correct default values for new/far clipping.
  • [Camera] roll parameter now uses degrees.

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bennoH. • Edited on

Wahuu📣📣So great the guy from Berlin and his coding and developing helpers wear i thanks so so mutch for this incredibly great realtimevideo artistic Tool, and for so fast & strong going forward: " U are so greatful!!" ⭐⭐⭐🌟🌟 👏👏

And by the way, a special thanks gos to "newemka" Mab Martin, my personal trainer for Tooll3 💐💯👏

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vdmo Author

@newemka you getting some love for what you share ;)

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Graham Thorne

I have downloaded and been explring it. This is definetly a software to watch!