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Tooll3 Tips from pixtur

Tooll 3 is an open source software to create realtime motion graphics.

Get the latest version from: https://github.com/still-scene/t3
Or join Tooll3 Community on discord: https://discord.com/invite/YmSyQdeH3S
Also check FAQ: https://github.com/still-scene/t3/wiki/FAQ

Now.. onto the Tips and Tutorials

Tooll 3 Tip 002 - Raster Effects

Tooll 3 Tip 003 - Resolution Magic

Tooll 3 Tip 004 - The Rings Effect

Tooll3 Tip 005 - Snapping Keyframes

Tooll3 Tip 006 - How to Fix File References

Tooll3 Tip 007 - Animating the Steps Effect

Tooll3 Tip 008 - Procedural Camera Animations

Tooll3 Tip 009 - Animating String Parts

Tooll3 Tip 010 - Using points to draw Meshes

Tooll3 Tip 011 -Combining Point Buffers

Tooll3 Tip 012 - Noisy Point Trails

Tooll3 Tip 013 - Drive Animations with Audio Reactions

Tooll3 Tip 014 - Complexity with Invert Blend Mode

Tooll3 Tip 015 - Draw Quads with Variations

Tooll3 Tip 016 - Adjusting Soundrtrack and BPM-Rate

Tooll3 Tip 017 - Cloning vs. Instancing Meshes

Tooll3 Deep dive - Developing a operator for drawing animations with C#

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