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Unreal Rust

Last few months Maik Klein have been working on a side project of integrating Rust into Unreal Engine 5, and today he finally released it! 🥳

What is unreal-rust?
TL;DR unreal-rust allows you to write games with Unreal Engine in Rust.

unreal-rust is an opinionated Rust integration for Unreal. Rust cares about ownership, mutability and lifetimes. Mapping Unreal concepts to Rust 1 to 1 would only cause a headache. Instead unreal-rust will be written on top of the Unreal AActor and expose its API in a Rust friendly way.

Here writes about this on his blog post: https://maikklein.github.io/unreal-rust-1/

The project link: https://github.com/MaikKlein/unreal-rust

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Rust integration for Unreal Engine 5

🦀 unreal-rust

Opinionated Rust integration for Unreal Engine

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☣️ Warning

unreal-rust is not ready to be used in a real project. unreal-rust is in a very early state and nothing more than a proof of concept right now. The API will change quite frequently. Things might crash, or not work as intended. The user experience will not be great.

I am releasing unreal-rust on github to develop it in the open.

🎯 Features

  • Simple opinionated bindings: Easy access to core APIs like playing sounds, spawning actors, pathfinding, physics etc.
  • Developer friendly: Fast iteration times with hot reloading in the editor and during live play. Panics are caught and do not crash the editor
  • Editor integration: Add Rust components to actors in the editor, or access Rust components from Blueprint to drive animations.
  • Entity Component System: unreal-rust is built on top of an ECS.
  • Built on top…

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