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Bonzomatic - live-coding tool with NDI support

What's this?

This is a live-coding tool, where you can write a 2D fragment/pixel shader while it is running in the background. NDI 4/5 supported.


The tool was originally conceived and implemented after the Revision 2014 demoscene party's live coding competition where two contestants improv-code an effect in 25 minutes head-to-head. Wanna see how it looks in action?

F2: toggle texture preview
F5 or Ctrl-R: recompile shader
Ctrl-[/]: adjust text background transparency
F11 or Ctrl/Cmd-f: hide shader overlay
Alt-F4 or Shift+Escape: exbobolate your planet
On Windows, both DirectX 9 and 11 are supported.


Where to get? / Binary builds

Fresh builds of Bonzomatic will always be available at https://github.com/Gargaj/Bonzomatic/releases

For the OpenGL version (for any platform), at least OpenGL 4.1 is required.

On recent macOS, to allow sound input to be captured (for FFT textures to be generated), you need to: Open up System Preferences, click on Security & Privacy, click on the Privacy tab then click on the Microphone menu item. Make sure Bonzomatic.app is in the list and ticked.

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