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Resolume 7.16 is out


You can now color your effects in Arena & Avenue! 🌈 This is handy when you have a long list of effects in your compositions. Text rendering is improved in Arena, Avenue & Wire, you can now render text outlines and glows 🌞. There are 4 new nodes in Wire; Quantize, Normalize, Element & Video Sampler. You can now copy & paste images in Wire. There are two new shortcuts in Wire: Command+Shift+R to rename a node, and Command+J to quickly join nodes. Furthermore, clicking on an input in the dashboard now selects the node in the patch. Handy!

Resolume 7.16 is out
Effect Colors
Just like you color clips, layers, groups and decks you can now color effects to more easily distinguish them from each other. This is especially handy when you use many effects in your compositions. Right-click an effect header to pick a color you fancy. And did you know you can rename an effect too?

Text Rendering Improvements
Not only can you now use fonts and certain styles that did not work before but you can now also render text outlines, inner glow, outer glow, and when you combine these two you get a neon effect. You'll find these new option in the Arena & Avenue Text Block and Text Animator source and effect but also in the Wire Text Render node.

Copy & Paste Images
To quickly bring images into your patch you can now paste them straight into Wire. Just hit Command+v after copying an image from anywhere and it will create an image node with that image for you. And to quickly copy a frame from you patch you can now right-click on a monitor to copy it. We're currently also building this into Arena & Avenue so look out for that in the next release...

New Nodes
The Quantize node quantizes the incoming value or texture. This allows you to quantize the signal into discrete steps. The Normalize node does what it says, it normalizes float values. The Element node retrieves a single element from a type that has multiple elements. For instance to extract a single channel from a Texture2d RGBA or a single element from a Float 2/3/4. Checkout their example patches to see how they work. The Video Sampler node allows you to sample a video file at a specific time using the Phase inlet that takes a value from 0 to 1 to scroll through the video.

New Shortcuts
To quickly patch multiple nodes with the same main outlet into a Join node simply select them and hit Command+J. Huge time saver! To rename a node without touching the mouse simply press Command+Shift+R to rename a node.

Arena, Avenue & Alley Fix List

  • #18530 Scroll to newly created fixture in the library
  • #19089 Alley crashes on exit with spout enabled
  • #19100 Overlapping text shows tiny outline in Arena Text Block
  • #19342 Noise at the start of audio clip switches
  • #19363 Frameboy juicebar plugin stopped showing the content with 7.15


Wire Fix List

  • #15571 Random node - add boolean and integer type
  • #18951 Renderer 2D Add Blend mode
  • #19199 Clicking on an input in the dashboard selects the node in the patch
  • #19219 Add interpolation attribute to delay
  • #19249 Attribute inputs should not allow signal connections
  • #19396 Crash Opening the Video Player examples crashes Wire
  • #19250 Copy pasting / duplicating multi selection of input nodes mixes up the auto numbering
  • #19368 Multi instance rectangle 2d should offer Mesh2D as connect suggestion
  • #19062 Undo input node destruction doesn't put them back in the same spot
  • #17961 Shader from ISF website can compile with errors in Wire
  • #19654 ISF node doesn't support extra render passes

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