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A TAS Visuals live promo mix & playlist

digital all the way :)

Classic VJ Gear Videos

welcome to vjun.io @cfoge :)

ThinkPad X1 Fold 16 Gen 1 16" - Intel® Evo at CES

X1 Fold features Sensel haptic touchpad in the Bluetooth key...

10 Japanese Mall VJ Loops - Free (DXV)

you welcome ;) feel free to post more my friend :)

Mesh2Pointcloud v0.1

thank you @pawelluciuk .. great project

A gathering of people with collective interest

discord.com/invite/HgtruHq is vjunion discord server. what ...


thank you @@jeremoury .. amazing report

SynapseRackVJ - Promising Alpha VJ Software (win)

SynapseRack_AlphaBuild0.2.0.2.zip has been released in #relea...

Spout Win32CaptureSample v2.0.3

leadedge / Win...

Spout Win32Capture

github.com/leadedge/Win32CaptureSa... version 2.02 is out

Tooll 3 - an open source software to create realtime motion graphics

3.5.1 Standalone has been released github.com/still-scene/t3/...

Brain Candy

nice ! welcome to vjunion at .io @sofakingsadboi ;)

TDinstanceUE - Streaming TouchDesigner instancing data into Unreal Engine

this post needs to be championed by more people :)

Can you use NestMap to map a room?

@pat_pom first of all. warm welcome! any software tools tha...

Volta - New Update - Perform Mixed reality experiences

Welcome Thread - v0


FEEDBACK SYSTEMS - generative visuals for Resolume 7

great release @tarian !!

Screen capture direct to Unreal Engine (Monitor & Windows)

Soo good

RayTK Variables Tutorial


TouchOSC support for Wacom multi-touch displays on macOS

this is something special. thank you for update x

TouchOSC on the Steam Deck

sooo cool... amazing software and hardware working together

Le DisplayPad modulaire de Mountain

good to see you :)

Video Synthesis sets at Chillits 2022

@dr_rek good job

360° Live Streamed and Rendered 3D scenes

this is so wonderful

Custom Rig - post yours

@vjmandala nice set up bro :)

Winamp 5.9 released...it really wips the lamas ass

id say that themes would be still available

Why and how we wrote the Live Visuals Book

amazing story..thank you Steve

In Project Stage Mapping Simulation | Resolume Tricks

through love and creativity for us all- সকলের জন্য ভালোবাসা ও...

Bulk VJ Loops 15 Bundles limited offer from DJVB

hehe .. that's a super post ! :)

Up-Vote for VJ category on Twitch in user voices forum

To me it seems like a decent suggestion.

Tooll 3 - an open source software to create realtime motion graphics

new stand alone is out - github.com/still-scene/t3/releases....

Jash Reen - WOLVES | EDC, BASSPOD, SULLIVAN KING, EXCISION & MORE | Concert Visuals Interview

Will check it out shortly .. nice one Sean ..keep them coming...

Recording from tooll3

You can also do this directly with OBS on it's own I think. O...

Recording from tooll3


Tooll 3 - an open source software to create realtime motion graphics

Tooll 3 - an open source software to create realtime motion graphics


We've upgraded NDI for Unreal like we did for Spout! 🙂 It now works:

Version 0.108.0 for UE5 and 0.75.57 for UE 4.27 have now been...

OSC Sequencers for Media Control and Performance

ossia.io/posts/distributed/ Collaborative features in score ...


[email protected]!

OSC Sequencers for Media Control and Performance

ive fixed it up.. but at least you starting to reply :)

Resolume Tutorial - Laser Effect

great tip!

Spout Win32Capture

Please download 2.0.1 version github.com/leadedge/Win32Captu...

Welcome Thread - v0

Welcome @@motus_lumina :)

Ambient Mafia AV mix

Under 1mb is a good guide.

Ambient Mafia AV mix

I'll write a post on this to help others onboarding. Thank yo...

Welcome Thread - v0

Warm welcome .. x

Ambient Mafia AV mix

Could you please try making image to be web optimised .. some...

Spout for Godot 3.4.2

whats XD?

Unity/Rust interoperability test projects from Keijiro Takahashi

Check out nannou project .. Mitch and Josh are leading the wa...

Complex Generative Control Signals using Virtual Control Voltage Circuits in VCV

This approach can seed lots of good ideas for people :) great...

shadered - The most powerful shader IDE

You in good place with ShadeRED and KodeLife with KodeLife pr...


great project!

Resolume API - 7.8 is Out!

This release is outstanding !


@chindogu this is great post and very thought provoking man...

Beeple - Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

@massta I think so. Hence posting. :) Mike / beeple is ver...

Milton - infinite vector canvas - open source

There is export option :) of course. Check this tutorial for ...

Welcome Thread - v0

@lecollagiste living legend right here :) .. warm welcome to...

Hi all <3

@pixeleyes nice to have you here :)

Giving a free countdown to 2022!

Thanks Steve! Great looking countdown

MagicaCSG + Blender

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